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Avina Logistics Joint Stock Company (Avina Logistics) provides a full package of international freight forwarding services between Vietnam and countries around the world, including freight forwarding by sea, air, and road. In each type of logistics, there are many service packages such as freight, loading and unloading, freight forwarding, customs declaration, warehouse rental, consulting procedures - import and export documents...

1.1 Customs services and import and export procedures

  • Consulting on import and export processes, procedures, tax policies, investment incentive policies, types of business activities, etc.
  • Consult and make customs declarations, apply for permits from relevant ministries and agencies
  • Services related to import and export procedures
  • Support for settlement and liquidity in the field of customs declaration

1.2 Inland transportation, warehousing and distribution services

  • Multimodal, multimodal freight transport including rail, sea and road with warehouse-to-warehouse transportation; from warehouse to station, port and from station, port to station, port.
  • Transportation of distribution goods by car from warehouse to warehouse, from warehouse to station, port, transportation and distribution from factory to general warehouse and sales agents.
  • Organizing the loading and unloading of goods at warehouses, stations and ports by manual and mechanization; organize the delivery of domestic goods and import and export.
  • Leasing warehouses and storage yards; organize loading and unloading, classification and packing of goods; organizing storage, operation and import and export of goods at the warehouse.
  • International freight freight by sea, by air
  • Trucking freight and rail to border countries (Laos/Cambodia/China)
  • Consulting on tax policy and import procedures abroad, Incoterm delivery conditions, international payment...
  • Consulting and implementing services of goods handling, transportation, supply chain logistics packages in countries depending on the requirements and delivery conditions of customers.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 opens up the possibility of helping exports meet in terms of productivity, quality, and value of exported products, while saving resources and protecting the environment.

With a deeply integrated and open economy like Vietnam, sustainable development is the most important task today.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, nanotechnology, molecular biology technology, genetic technology... opens up the possibility to help export meet improving productivity, quality and value of exported products, saving resources, and protecting the environment.
Not only that, industry 4.0 also creates favorable conditions for the creation of "smart factories" or "digital factories" where intelligent machines and devices communicate with each other using a network system. .

Thereby, systems continuously share information about current stock, material quantity and order changes or about problems or errors.

As a result, the production supply chain achieves the highest efficiency in terms of processing time, storage time, improving productivity, and saving material costs.
In addition, the export of agricultural products will also have breakthroughs with new plant varieties that have features of adapting to drought, saline water or resisting pests and diseases, and with high yield and quality thanks to the technology. molecular biotechnology.
With many new materials, new products being formed, and export transactions done entirely through the network environment, the mechanism and policies for managing import and export activities also need to be adjusted to keep up with the new situation. .


Currently, with the continuous development of the Internet, finding customers or partners from abroad is no longer too difficult a problem for domestic and foreign businesses.

However, how do we grasp and use these tools? What a flat world the Internet world is, what do we have to do to break out of the domestic market to come to a 4.0 environment, a business environment without limits, without geographical borders, where environment just left businesses together, seeking, sharing opportunities, challenges, investment and development. Especially in a difficult time due to the current epidemic, when domestic partners and traditional partners have partly been unable to meet all the needs of the existence and development of the country. businesses, so how do businesses build new directions, grasp trends so as not to be left behind, not to be abandoned in the new trend of the economy.

Each business will have different goals, some are looking for sources of imported goods, some are looking for export markets, some are looking for services and technology.

So how is the experience of finding customers and partners?

I. Preparation step

To penetrate the international market and succeed on this journey, businesses need to carefully prepare the following contents:

1. Build company profile

Company profile must be made in English, and at the same time provide full information such as: factory, machine system, factory capacity, main products, some partners, major markets of the company, …In general, create a short, concise and impressive profile to attract your partners. learn financial statement analysis

2. Build company website

If domestic customers can find your company by themselves to learn and exchange directly, foreign partners can only view information about your company via the internet and website. The company website must have at least one English language option and provide complete information about products, applications and contact contacts so that customers can easily contact.

Register your company on forums, e-commerce websites so that more people know your company and when partners search for information about your company on the internet, the visibility is higher.

II. Finding customers

Searching for customers via the Internet

Businesses can search for partners through B2B channels, or websites and forums of the industry you are interested in. From the information businesses find businesses can look up the company's website and send an email to introduce their company as well as call directly to the partner company to discuss.

Currently, there are many business forum websites, almost every country has websites, forums, or social networking sites, which are the convergence of businesses.

After obtaining customer information, businesses need to follow up and negotiate issues such as models, quality, prices, delivery methods, payment methods, etc. with customers. A small tip for businesses is to respond to information as quickly as possible to customers. Businesses understand that we do not want to wait and partners will recognize your goodwill in this cooperation. In addition to contacting by email, phone number, businesses can install popular chat software today to exchange with customers more easily such as Whatsapp, Wechat, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter , Linkedin,…

III. Work with customers

The process of investing and developing foreign markets requires a lot of effort, time, determination and even a little bit of luck. But in return, once you succeed, it will open the door of the business of the business and the profit it brings is also extremely large. So, always be persistent and try, success will definitely come.