Found in 2012, has become a trusted logistics brand-name in Vietnam that offers a full range of logistics transportation and supply chain services from and to Vietnam


Export/Import procedure & documentation consultancy.

Freight Transportation (By Air/Ocean/Trucking/Railing/Multimodal transportation)

Service of loading/unloading, Cargo handling at airport/seaport/border gate

Customs clearance services; consulting and applying for specialized licenses

Warehousing & Distribution

Consulting and supplying each part or the whole of supply chain solutions

Logisitcs La Gi Hoc Co Kho Khong

Customs services and import- export procedures

Inland transportation, warehousing and distribution services

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International freight by sea, by air

Rail and truck freight to border countries (Laos/Cambodia/China)

Consulting on tax policy and import procedures abroad

Consulting and implementing goods handling services, transportation, All-in oversea services


Finding importers or exporters on a digital basis is the trend of the 4.0 era


Avina Logistics

We are living in a "Flat World" - A place where investment and trade activities have been developed extensively and strongly among countries around the world. The flow of goods in the global supply chain has positively promoted the transportation and supporting services.

Asia in general and Vietnam in particular is being evaluated as one of the most potential markets, actively contributes to the global supply chain. With the policy of opening up trade, the flow of goods between Vietnam and other countries in the world has increased significantly, promoting the development in quantity and quality of the international transportation, logistics and other supporting services.

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Advisory - Quotation - Support

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Any basic logistic process comes from the actual need for raw materials....


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The customs declarant declares import information by IDA service before registering the import declaration...


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Statistics of terms of logistics industry and international transport


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Tan Cang - Cai Mep international terminal (TCIT) exceeds 2,000,000 TEUs of yearly throughput volume twice continously

At 08:00 AM on December 24, 2021, Tan Cang – Cai Mep International Terminal welcomed the 2,000,000th TEU through the terminal when handling MONACO BRIDGE vessel deployed on EC4 service operated by THE Alliance – creating a remarkable milestone during the journey of TCIT’s 11 years in operation, the 2nd year continuously exceeding 2,000,000 TEUs…

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Deoca reaches important milestones in their projects under construction

Trung Luong - My Thuan Expressway, Thung Thi Tunnel and other projects have been under urgent construction by Deoca Group. In difficulties, they have affirmed their value- a bright spot in the map of Vietnam’s transport infrastructure.


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